How To:

Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold is literacy software available for all Conestoga students to download. It has a variety of functions, including the ability to read text from documents and websites. Learn how to get started and other tips for learning with Read & Write Gold.  

Collaborate with others online

Online collaboration tools, such as Google Docs and Dropbox, allow for many people to work and comment on documents simultaneously. You can also collaborate using your college Office365 account - sign in to your email or learn more from IT's support page.

Take notes electronically

As with paper, you will have to decide on both an organization system and a format for your notes. Consider using OneNote as a way to organize and take your notes. The Cornell method can be used electronically - set up a template in the software application you are using. Tip: OneNote has many built-in page templates, including ones for note-taking!

Record lectures

Like to listen to lectures, or parts of them, again? Read about how to make the most out of recording your lectures. If you want to combine both handwritten notes and audio recording, consider using a handheld device, such as a Smartpen.