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Learning Resources

Learning Tips Videos

Check our learning tips video playlist, and visit the Student Success Services YouTube channel for more helpful videos!

Free student planning tools

A student planner can help keep you organized. Try our free printable and digital planners:

Download Printable Winter 2021 Planner
Download Fillable Winter 2021 4-Month Calendar
Download Fillable Winter 2021 Daily Calendar

Use the instructional plans for your courses to add all important dates and deadlines to the term calendar at the front of the planner and to the weekly schedule. Use this information to schedule time in your week to complete the required work for your courses.

We recognize these particular planning tools may not be right for everyone. If you need an alternative format or would like to discuss other learning tools email

Using apps to support your learning

Check out some of our recommended apps and programs to support your learning.

Tips for Online Learning Success

​Online courses require you to be disciplined and self-directed. Many students underestimate the amount of time they will need to spend completing online work. You should expect online courses to take the same amount of time as traditional courses and sometimes even more. Online courses create freedom, but also may lead to additional pressures as it is easy to get off track and fall behind. Here are some strategies to help support your transition to becoming an online learner. 

Get Organized

  • Check eConestoga
    • Sign in and check each individual course daily
    • Pay close attention to announcements, weekly content and deadlines
  • Download Zoom Meetings to your device and explore the software
  • Prepare a workspace with all required materials
    • Set boundaries with friends, family and roommates to establish quiet work times


  • Follow your instructional plans to stay on track
    • Be disciplined in completing classwork each week
  • Schedule your time using your preferred planning tool
    • Planner, calendar, task-list, or apps
  • Schedule specific tasks for specific times
    • Readings, weekly content, assignments and lecture material
  • Live lectures may require you to be online at regular class times
    • Block off time in your calendar
    • Set a reminder if necessary

Stay Connected

  • Monitor the Conestoga College website for updates
  • Check your student email daily
  • Stay in touch with your faculty through eConestoga or Conestoga email
  • Participate in online discussions as directed
  • Reach out to college services

Related College Services

Library Services

The Library advances and enriches student learning, contributes to teaching excellence and supports research at Conestoga.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Conestoga College's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) enhances your growth and development outside the classroom.

  • Get involved in the community
  • Reflect and articulate learning experiences
  • Increase your academic and career success

IT Service Desk

  • Require further support?
  • Or need to make changes to your accommodations?

Book an appointment with your advisor to:

  • Change or renew accommodations
  • Make a faculty complaint- support with advocacy
  • Discuss bursaries
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