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  • Concerned about your mental health?
  • Want to make changes but not sure where to start?

Privacy & Confidentiality

Conestoga College is committed to the protection of your privacy, as well as to a comprehensive and integrative approach to student success planning. Student Success Services--which is comprised of Health Services, Counselling Services, Accessibility Services and The Learning Commons--abides by a common set of rules and practices with respect to the collection and disclosure of personal health information. Personal health information in your Student Success file is accessed on a need-to-know basis when retrieving specific information is reasonably necessary to provide healthcare and/or services to you at Conestoga College, and is done in accordance with Ontario privacy legislation, i.e. PHIPA 2004, and FIPPA 1990. For the purpose of providing service to you or assisting in providing care, your personal health information is stored securely on a protected server.

You should let us know if you do not want us to use, share or give out some or all of your personal health information to people who provide you with health care and/or services. You should also let us know if you would like to withdraw consent at any time for the collection, use, or disclosure of some or all of your personal health information.

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