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Sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response

If you are unsafe or need immediate support, contact Campus Security or call 911.

Sexual violence is any physical or psychological violence carried out through sexual behaviour or by targeting a person's sexuality. 

Gender-based violence is committed against someone based on their gender expression, gender identity or perceived gender, and frequently involves issues of control. Examples include physical or online violence, emotional and psychological violence (including put-downs, threats and intimidation), financial abuse, and harassment (including stalking). It also includes sexual harassment, assault and exploitation.

College supports are available to help you

If you have experienced sexual or gender-based violence we are here to support you. Your rights are recognized and supported at Conestoga College, including the right to be safe. 

I need support

College supports

If you are not sure what to do, have questions, or wish to speak with someone, contact the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator.

If you are on campus and wish to speak to someone directly please go to Security Services.

Counselling Services are available to students who would like mental health and trauma support.

Medical Care is available to students through our clinic. 

Emergency support

If you are unsafe or need immediate support, contact Campus Security, call 911 or visit your local hospital. Visit this list of local emergency services for more details.

I want to support someone

If someone discloses to you that they have experienced sexual or gender-based violence:

  1. LISTEN. Don’t ask for details and try to be mindful of your reactions.
  2. Ask how they would like to be supported. If they would like help finding support you can reference the college services listed above in the "I need support" section.  
  3. Let them know you believe them and that it is not their fault.

If you are an employee supporting a student, ask the student if you can make a referral on their behalf by emailing the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator.

I witnessed sexual or gender-based violence

Please contact the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator for more information on how you can proceed. 


Details on confidentiality can be found on our Privacy and Confidentiality page. In addition to the standards outlined there, the college will collect data regarding the number and types of incidents of sexual violence, and the college services which provided support. This is for the purpose of developing best practices, maintaining compliance with statutory reporting requirements and similar purposes.

Have questions or looking for more information? 

Conestoga's Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention & Response Office provides help based on your individual needs. There is no timeframe for when an incident occurred for someone to access support, and you do not need to disclose what happened in order to get help. Please email for appointments and information. 


If you are interested in discussing your reporting options please reach out to our office.

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